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2015 World Preliminaries-National Football first match 6-0 victory over Bhutan Yang Xu wears a hat and two goals in Dabao
On the evening of June 16, Beijing time, the Chinese men’s football team played against Bhutan in the first match of the 2018 World Cup qualifying Asian Top 40 group stage. The obviously dominant Chinese team was not broken by Yang Xu until the last halftime stoppage timeIn the deadlock, Yang Xu scored two goals in the second half to stage a hat trick. Yu Dabao scored twice and Wu Lei also scored the goal. The Chinese team finally defeated Bhutan 6-0.  As the seed team of Group C, the world ranked 79th Chinese team was in the first round of the group match. Bhutan lost to Hong Kong 0-7 away in the first round. Qatar defeated Maldives 1-0 on the road.The Bhutan team qualified for the top 40 with two consecutive victories in Sri Lanka.Before the two rounds against Sri Lanka, Bhutan had no international A-level winning experience and ranked 209th in the world (bottom in the world ranking). After two wins, Sri Lanka’s world ranking rose to 159th.Yu Dabao’s two-finger sky Song Boxuan congratulated Yu Dabao’s national football team for thanking the fans    for the game played at Bhutan’s capital Thimphu Stadium, which had historical significance for Bhutan. The home fans were very excited to cheer for the Bhutan team of amateur players.There were also Chinese fans who played banners advancing into Russia.Public opinion believes that the nearly 2,500 meters above sea level of Thimphu and artificial turf will have a certain impact on the Chinese team. After the opening, the Chinese team successfully established a forward pressure advantage and won 3 consecutive corners within 4 minutes before the game.In the 5th minute, Wu Lei and Yang Xu played a wonderful cooperation, Wu Lei inside the penalty area was attacked by the goalkeeper Hari Gulong, Gao Lin made a close shot and intercepted by Hari Gulong.  As the game went deeper, the Bhutan team also began to try to fast-break counterattacks and the frontcourt, and the formation was opened.In the 9th minute, the Chinese team’s fast-forward pass forced Hari Gulong to make a clearance, and Hari Gulong received a yellow card for handball outside the penalty area; Wu Lei free kick hit the target and missed.Under the continuous impact of Sun Keyu on the left, the Chinese team formed a repression situation.However, the continued rapid impact of the Chinese team was confronted by Bhutan’s active defense.In the first game of the group stage against Hong Kong, China, Bhutan was 0-3 behind after 27 minutes of play; Bhutan’s defensive performance at home was significantly more active in this game.  In the 33rd minute, Wu Lei and Jiang Zhipeng formed a side-to-side cooperation. Wu Lei’s unmanned defensive shot in the middle of the penalty area missed the ball.36 minutes before the game, the Chinese team won 8 corners and the ball control rate continued to exceed 70%, but the Chinese team could not score.In the 44th minute, Zheng Zhi made an offensive attack on the right, Wu Lei headed to the left side of the penalty area and ferried to the goal. Sun Ke fell to the ground and attacked the goal without a kick.Since then, Gao Lin’s header in the middle of the penalty area failed to hit the ball.  In the last minute of the second half of the first half of the stoppage time, the Chinese team finally scored-Jiang Zhipeng sent a diagonal pass from the left, Sun Ke swung to the middle of the right wing in the penalty area, Yang Xu inserted the goal and touched the Bhutanese player.The Chinese team led 1-0 in the half.  Bhutan formed a threat offensive after 1 minute in the second half. Chen Zhuojian praised the Chinese team and entered the left side of the penalty area. After a small angle, Yan Junling fell to the side and flicked the ball to the side net.This was Bhutan’s first goal of the match, and fans at home got excited.The morale boosted Bhutan team made a rapid impact, and in the 50th minute, they again formed a threat offensive. Lianzhu Duoji passed from the right to the middle of the restricted area. Chen Zhuojian praised the sideline of the goal and was saved by Yan Junling.The 19-year-old Chen Zuojian praised as the number one player in Bhutan and has the title of Bhutanese Ronaldo.  In the 54th minute, Zheng Zhi took the right corner, Yang Xu header was saved by Hari Gulong, Ren Hang made another shot and Hari Gulong took the crossbar; the Chinese team continued the corner attack and scored-Cai Huikang later grabNodded the ball was blocked by Hari Gulong, Wu Lei header shot was again hit by Hari Gulong, Wu Lei header again finally broke the Bhutan goal.In the 60th minute, the Chinese team forced a steal in the frontcourt, Yang Xu broke into the left side of the penalty area and shot low to expand the score to 3-0.The Chinese team also made consecutive substitutions. Liu Binbin and Yu Dabao successively replaced Cai Huikang and Zhang Chengdong.After Zhang Chengdong was off the court, Sun Ke retreated as the right back.  In the 63rd minute, Wu Lei vigorously attacked the goal outside the penalty area and threatened, Hari Gulong flew the ball.As the score opened, the Chinese team formed a continuous patience pass; in the 67th minute, Sun Ke crossed the penalty area on the right, Wu Lei took control of the ball and went back to shoot the goal at Dabao Middle Road.The Chinese team made clear the goal of winning more goals before the match. The third substitution adjustment in this game was still aimed at the offensive end. Song Boxuan replaced Gao Lin.  In the 75th minute, Jiang Zhipeng sent a cross from the left, Yu Dabao header was scored by Hari Gurron on the goal line, Yang Xu made a small angle to shoot the center post.The Chinese team continued to impact. Liu Binbin crossed from the left side of the penalty area. Hari Gulong failed to hit the ball on the side. Yang Xu broke the goal and completed the hat trick.In the 78th minute, Gama Xiezhu Ciren fired a long-range anti-aircraft gun.As the captain of Bhutan, Gama Xieju Tsering worked as a pilot of Bhutan Airlines.  In the 83rd minute, Yang Xu made a quick cross from the right and Yu Dabao scored a header in the middle of the penalty area to expand the score to 6-0.After the game, the Chinese team continued to impact; in the 91st minute, Zheng Zhi went into the penalty area and Wu Lei faced the goalkeeper and was blocked by Hari Gulong.After 1 minute, Mei Fang passed the bottom line from the left to the front, Wu Lei faced the empty goalkeeper at close range.In the end, the Chinese team played Kai 6-0.进球信息  中国:上半场补时阶段,杨旭前插攻门碰防守球员折线破门  中国:第55分钟,中国队角球攻势中连续3次头球攻门,武磊入球  中国:第60分钟,中国队中前场断球后杨旭禁区左侧低射破门  中国:第67分钟,武磊禁区内回做,于大宝迎上施射破门  中国:第76分钟,刘彬彬禁区左侧传中,杨旭包抄破门  中国:第83分钟,杨旭右路下底传中,于大宝头球破门黄牌信息  不丹:哈日古隆(第9分钟)首发阵容及换人  中国:12-颜骏凌;4-姜至鹏, 3-Meifang, 2-Renhang, 17-Zhang Chengdong (61 minutes, 22-Yu Dabao); 7-Wu Lei, 8-Cai Huikang (56 minutes, 19-Liu Binbin), 10-Zheng Zhi, 16-Sun Ke; 9- Yang Xu, 18- Gao Lin (70 minutes, 21- Song Boxuan)    Bhutan: 22- Hari Gulong; 14- Karmanizhu, 3-Gelewangi, 4-Jin Mei Tsering Dorje, 5-Dawa Kenzan; 7- Tsering Dorje, 8-Gama Xiezhu Tsering, 9- Birengbane, 17- Lengzhu Doji (59 minutes, 13- Gonggar Kenzan; 93 minutes, 19-dayLedogi); 10-Chen Zhuojian, 12-Lundawa (Fire of Wood)