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2015 Chile America Cup Brazil jersey number: Neymar 10 Tardelli 9
On June 9, Beijing time, the Brazilian national team announced the number of the America’s Cup. Like the World Cup, Neymar chose Brazil’s No. 10 jersey, and Shandong Luneng striker Tardelli received the No. 9 jersey.Neymar wears Brazil No. 10 and this time the America’s Cup is divided into Group C. In the same group, there are cereals, Colombia and Venezuela. Brazil will usher in the first battle on June 15th. The opponent is Peru. On the 18th and 22nd, Brazil willAgainst Colombia and Venezuela respectively.  The former captain Tiago Silva, who was wearing No. 3 in the World Cup, changed to No. 14 this time. The No. 3 was won by Atletico midfielder Miranda. Due to the absence of Oscar, the new owner of the No. 11 is Houfenhai.Tom attacked Firmino.(Carras) Brazil team number: 1- Jefferson 2- Danilo 3- Miranda 4- David Luiz 5- Fernandinho 6- Felipe Luis 7 Douglas Costa 8-Elias 9-Tardelli 10-Neymar 11-Firmino 12-Neto 13-Marginhos 14-Thiago-Silva 15-Gefferson 16-FabbyNeo 17-Fred 18-Everton-Ribero 19-William 20-Robinho 21-Coutinho 22-Casemiro 23-Grohe Group C opponents in the same group: 2015Chilean America’s Cup Colombia final 23-person roster J Rofarco is listed in 2015 Chilean America’s Cup Peru final 23-man roster Pizarro leads 2015 Chilean American Cup Venezuela final 23-man roster Arrango leads