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2017 National Games Opening Ceremony Tickets Online Ticket Buying Address
Tianjin Northern News: According to the requirements of the 13th National Games Organizing Committee, an opening ceremony preview is scheduled for August 23, 2017.From August 5th, tickets for the opening preview will be sold online and on-site. Tickets are priced at 200 yuan, 300 yuan, and 400 yuan.  Tickets for the preview show are sold in real-name.The real-name system information is provided by the ticket purchaser when purchasing tickets online and on-site, and the ticket purchaser enters the venue with the ticket purchase certificate and preview tickets.  1. Ticket Purchase Method (1) Online Ticket Purchase 1. From 10:00 AM on August 5, the public can log in to the official ticketing port of the 13th National Games to purchase tickets directly.The specific online ticket purchase method is as follows:   http://www.tianjin2017.gov.cn/——Online ticket purchase window;    2. The public can follow the official official ticket of the 13th National Games, the only designated public account of the National Games, through WeChat on the mobile phone to purchase event tickets.  (2) On-site ticket purchase starting from 10:00 am on August 5, you can go directly to the ticket office of the Tianjin Stadium, the official ticket office of the 13th National Games (near Binshui West Road).  2. Ticketing Consultation  The public can call the ticket service hotline 022-83801888 to inquire about ticketing information related to this competition.(Hou Jing, Editor of Jinyun-North.com) Original title: Tickets for the preview of the opening ceremony of the National Games begin to be sold.