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In order to combat the epidemic, Quanjude terminated the fundraising project, and the remaining funds supplemented the working capital
On the evening of March 6, Quanjude issued an announcement regarding the termination of the raised capital investment project to supplement the remaining raised funds and the permanent replenishment of working capital.According to Quanjude, in order to combat the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, combined with the company ‘s industry changes and the company ‘s development strategy needs, to improve the efficiency of the use of raised funds, the board of directors agreed to terminate the company ‘s non-public offering of funds in 2014.Capital interest rate) 39564.380,000 yuan (specifically based on actual balance data at the time of implementation) permanently supplement working capital.According to the introduction of Quanjude, the original fundraising project was established in 2013. At present, the company ‘s development strategy has changed in the domestic catering industry market, especially the recent new coronary pneumonia epidemic has an important and continuous impact on the overall catering operating environment. The original fundraising projectThere will be potential uncertainty in the return on investment that continues to be implemented.Quanjude admitted that since late January 2020, the company’s catering and food business has been affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The reception of dine-in food in most of the company’s stores nationwide is at a standstill, and food business sales have broken through.During the epidemic, Quanjude actively responded to the epidemic, adopted various measures such as increasing online and offline takeaways, expanding community consumption, establishing staple food kitchens, and fully implementing the preferential policies of the local government, but it continues to suffer from severe impacts and is expected toThe situation will continue.In fact, Quanjude has adopted a variety of measures to reduce costs, but it still needs to bear the necessary expenses such as labor costs and rent. The company’s cash flow is facing pressure to overcome the need for working capital.Air Force, Quanjude has released its 2019 annual performance report.In 2019, Quanjude achieved a total operating income of approximately 15.6.6 billion US dollars, compared with the same period last year11.87%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is about 4718.70,000 yuan, 35 intervals from the same period last year.4%.For the reasons of performance, Quanjude said: As the company’s catering revenue declined again, and the overall profit level driven by boots decreased.Editor Xu Chao proofreading Li Shihui