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December 20th NBA Live Thunder vs Eagle Online Live Address
The Oklahoma City Thunder (16 wins and 11 losses) have just recovered their feeling of winning. They will face the Atlanta Hawks at home on the 20th (13 wins and 14 losses).Westbrook wants to continue to drive the team in full performance. Adams and Kante want to limit Howard’s role inside. The Thunder are expected to win again and get a two-game winning streak.The Hawks suffered another defeat. Millsap and Schlaud wanted to perform better in the offense. Howard wanted to continue to dominate the inside. They enhanced the feeling of winning back on the road.Thunder vs Eagle online live broadcast address: CCTV5 (CNTV without plug-in) In the home victory over the Suns, Westbrook once again got a triple-double, he scored 26 points, 22 assists and 11 rebounds, he fully activated the ballTeam attack.When confronting the Hawks, Westbrook may face high defensive pressure. The Hawks can use Schlaud, Sefolosha and others to mark him in the backcourt. Weiss should continue to use the full performance to drive the team.  Whether Oladipo can make a comeback is still uncertain. The Thunder need other players to come forward and support Westbrook.Adams and Kante want to play inside, they have to work hard to limit Howard’s offense, but also use their own offense to pressure the other side.In the protection of rebounds, the Thunder also do better.Howard has 15+ rebounds in three consecutive games, and has grabbed 54 rebounds in the last three games, including 21 offensive rebounds, which means that the Thunder will face a big impact inside.  The forwards Morrow, Robson, Grant and others have to work hard to help Wes, Grant’s pressure is even greater, he has to limit Millsap’s offense on defense.They are a very tough team. Grant talks about the Hawks. I know they will definitely try to attack us and not let us win easily.If the performance of teammates is not good, Westbrook can only choose to use personal offense to solve the problem.  The Hawks just suffered a defeat. They lost to the Hornets at home. Howard scored 10 points and 23 rebounds.In the Hawks’ first season, Howard averaged 14.With 2 points and 13 rebounds, he brings a steady contribution from the inside, and he wants to predict the continued performance in Russia.Millsap is one of the most comprehensive power forwards in the league, averaging 17 points, 8 rebounds and 3 per game this season.With 7 assists, as a team leader, he needs to play aggressively on the field and put pressure on his opponent on the offensive end.  When confronting the Thunder, the Hawks have to find ways to limit Westbrook.Schlaud wants to put pressure on the defense, Howard should pay attention to inside protection, and at the forward line Sevrosa, Bazemore and others should pay attention to the containment of Weiss.The Hawks have a lot of gathering points in the offense, like Korver, Hardaway, Bazamore, Sefolosha and others. They need to play more stably and to do better on defense.Losses are artificially avoided. We are all victorious guys. Hawks coach Budenholzer said that we want to win. I said that the defeat will make the team beat. My players will work hard and try their best to win.  On December 6, the Thunder defeated the Hawks 102-99 as a guest, and they were to advance to sweep the opponent.The Thunder have won the Hawks 2 times in a row, and they have 6 wins and 2 losses in the last eight encounters between the two teams.At home, the Thunder have won the Hawks 3 times in a row. On November 5, 2012, the Hawks defeated the Thunder 104-95. This is the only win in the Eagles’ last six visits to the Russian city.  The two teams are expected to start with the first-level Eagles: Schlaud, Hardaway, Bazamore, Millsap, Howard Thunder: Westbrook, Morrow, Robson, Sabonis, Adams. Original title: NBA Preview