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2015 Chilean America Cup Mexico team preliminary latest list of 30 people (Figure)
On May 12, Beijing time, Mexico announced the 2015 America’s Cup National Team 30-man roster. It is shocking that Pea Hernandez failed to be selected.  Mexico announced a list of 23 people + 7 candidates. The final 23 people will be determined before June 1.Hernandez currently loaned to Real Madrid and Jonathan Dos Santos of Villarreal are not on the list.At the same time, Porto Herrera and Eindhoven winger Guardado were not selected.It is reported that this move is to prepare for the Gold Cup in North America and the Caribbean this summer.In the history of the Chilean America’s Cup in 2015, a small portion of the 2015 Chilean America’s Cup Mexico team ranking history. Mexico has participated in the America’s Cup a total of 8 times and won the second place.In the America’s Cup, Mexico and the host Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia were divided into Group A.There are a total of 4 players in this 30-person roster in Europe, including Atletico Madrid center Jimenez with a height of 190CM.(Little Brother Li) Mexico’s big list: Goalkeepers: Jesús Colona (Blue Cross), Talavera (Toluca), Edgar Hernández (Veracruz) Defenders:Clar (Queretaro), Heravido Flores (Blue Cross), Ayala (Tiger), Domingos (Blue Cross), Salcido (Guadalajara), Miguel Herrera (Pachuca), Alderet (Santo Lake), Villard (Monterrey), Max (Verona) Midfielder: Osuna (Queretaro)), Medina (Atlas), Gomes (Tijuana), Jesús-Cologna (Twente), Aquino (Vallecano), Montes (Leon), FranceBian (Guadalajara) strikers: Jimenez (Atletico Madrid), Eduardo Herrera (Puma), Eskada (Tiger), Vuoso (Chiapas Jaguar) waiting list:Enrique Perez (Atlas), Fuentes (Puma), Salinas (Pachuca), Brizuela (Guadalajara), Dam (PaChuka), Alfonso Gonzalez (Atlas), Cabrera (Puma) Group A opponents in the same group: 2015 Chile America’s Cup Chile’s latest 26-man roster list on June 1st 2015 official listChilean America’s Cup Ecuador National Team’s latest 30-man list (picture) 2015 Chilean America’s Cup Bolivia National Team’s latest 30-man list (picture)