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It ‘s okay to lose the home court advantage, 4 Chinese boxers open the Tokyo Olympics door
Beijing News (Reporter Sun Haiguang) The Asian Regional Boxing Qualification Tournament for the Tokyo Olympics continues in Amman. The Chinese team has harvested 4 photos in the women’s 69kg, women’s 75kg, men’s 81kg, men’s 75kg 4 gradesOlympic tickets.The Tokyo Olympics baseball sub-region qualifying game was originally scheduled to take place at the Hongshan Stadium in Wuhan from February 3 to 14, and was moved to Amman, Jordan, due to the impact of the epidemic.After the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Hongshan Gymnasium was also temporarily transformed into a sheltered hospital for the treatment of mild patients.The Tokyo Olympics Baseball Qualifier includes four continent-level games including Asia Oceania, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, and one lost game.According to the rules, each association can only send one athlete to participate in one level.In the qualifying match in Amman, the Chinese team participated in all 13 levels of men and women (8 levels for men and 5 levels for women).In a women ‘s 75-kilogram quarterfinals that ended last night, Li Qian defeated Mongolian Muenkebart 5-0 to get the first Tokyo Olympics ticket for the Chinese boxing team.Li Qian is the number one seed of the women’s 75kg class and won a bronze medal in the Rio Olympics.Next, she will continue to work towards the championship and strive for a seed seat at the Tokyo Olympics.After this, Chen Daxiang (81 kg for men), Gu Hong (69 kg for women), Tohta Talbek Tang Lati Khan (75 kg for men) won the top 8 of each level, and won another 3 for the Chinese team.Tickets for the Tokyo Olympics.Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang, editor Han Shuangming, proofread Chen Diyan