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CBA-Beijing acquires Chongqing Aolong
In 2013, Beijing Holding Group had successfully acquired the CBA Shanxi Men’s Basketball Team, but because the local sports bureau did not agree to move the team’s home court from Taiyuan to Beijing, Beijing Enterprises later had to transfer the team to local Shanxi enterprises.Although this matter did not meet the original expectations, but Beijing Control’s thinking about basketball has always existed, and has been working hard gradually.Recently, the acquisition of Beijing Control and another CBA team, Chongqing Aolong, once again attracted attention.It is understood that Beijing Enterprises has had many contacts with the Chongqing team, but the Chongqing Aolong team is still waiting for the approval of the local sports bureau.  After the Chongqing Aolong team was promoted to the CBA this season, the team’s performance was not outstanding, only 4 wins and 34 losses, ranking the bottom of the league, these two team investors do not want to continue to expand, this is the caseWith the possibility of further communication between Beijing Enterprises and Chongqing Aolong Team in the future.  In a telephone interview with a Beijing Youth Daily reporter, a person from the Chongqing Aolong team said that the team still really wanted to stay in Chongqing. They also expressed this intention through the local media, hoping to have more local enterprises.Supporting the Chongqing Aolong team, but later this approach did not make a breakthrough.  The Chongqing Aolong team has also communicated with the local sports bureau several times since then. The main meaning of the communication is whether the local sports bureau can obtain the consent of the CBA team. The sports bureau has not expressed any objection.the meaning of.Relevant persons from the Chongqing Aolong team told the reporters of the Beiqing Daily, but these things are verbal, not approvals, and all approvals shall prevail.  Now Beijing Enterprises has reached an agreement with Chongqing Aolong in the general direction of acquisition, but it is necessary to meet the needs of Beijing Enterprises in determining the key point of moving out at home.Only when this problem is solved can there be follow-up things, such as the question of where the home is set, in fact, the follow-up things can be completed quickly.A related person told the reporter of Beiqing Daily.  If Beijing Enterprises can finally acquire the Chongqing Aolong team, this is actually a good thing for the team itself, Beijing fans and even the CBA, and there will be more wins in several aspects.First of all, the North Control side will definitely cause a very large expenditure for this team member, the team’s ability to recruit will be greatly enhanced, which will inevitably bring a substantial improvement in the team’s overall strength.First of all, Beijing, which has a huge basketball market and very strong fan spending power. If there are two CBA teams, the fans here must be blessed. Finally, if the highly competitive Beijing Derby appears again, it will inevitably enhance the CBA league brand.